About Us

Executive Summary

OMADA was founded in 2013 as a new aerospace supplier to deliver complex work packages with industry leading performance to customers with a focus on the top commercial aerospace platforms. We create value by partnering with our customers, suppliers, staff, investors and company to deliver industry-leading performance.

OMADA currently operates two manufacturing facilitates with approximately 235,000 square feet located in Oklahoma City, OK and Sumner, WA.   In addition, OMADA’s core strategy includes the use of suppliers who deliver world class pricing, quality and delivery.  As a component of this strategy, OMADA has long term agreements in place with supply chain partners and a proven track record managing significant detail parts and highly complex assembly.


  • Global supplier with focused expertise to deliver complex work packages
  • Primary focus on build-to-print airframe structures targeting leading platforms
  • Long-term price-down contracts (5 to 10 years)
  • Low-risk, low-price process redundancy
  • Build market leading Tier II and III sub-supply base with broad capabilities

Product Focus

OMADA International--Product Focus

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