Titanium Hot Forming

OMADA Sumner Division utilizes a proprietary technique of hot forming titanium that allows for rapid response at a low cost . Customers not only benefit from our efficient means of production, but also from our in house tool manufacture, water-jet, and machining.  Through enclosed induction heating cells, we are able to operate single and multi stage tools to form complex shapes direct from flat patterns.

Complex Sub Assembly

OMADA completes complex aerostructure sub-assemblies for both commercial and defense aerospace programs.  These include flight critical assemblies for control services, fuselage, and engine nacelles.  Using sophisticated processes and procedures, we design and develop assembly processes, tools and fixtures.  Integrated with our supply chain management we utilized the best-valued parts and components available in the market.

Supply Chain Management

OMADA has developed key relationships with suppliers providing a reliable supply of materials, parts and components.  This network includes an extensive supply chain that allows OMADA to provide the best overall value to its customers. OMADA’s management of this supply chain allows us to provide complete kitting packages that can be delivered right to our customer’s assembly line reducing the overall cost of the completed assembly.

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